ranTs nd raVes.... nd prooF of them.
.... enjoi. `=D
By: Abby Tabucon

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the next jones soda bottle cover
yea... colors. pshhhhh
diggin fer gold are we !?
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wen im bored out of my mind ... i tend to sit at my computer table and stare at my comp so that maybe ... just maybee... something can spark an idea on what i can do. but nope... i end up cleaning out mydocument folders and erase things that i dont think i need n e more... or just play with my foto editor... here are some examples of my art....

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VaLenTine's Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! `=)

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hope ya'll had fun yesterday. i know i did. it was a fun filled day in the city with my baybee.
the day started off @ 12:30pm wen jon picked me up from my house. we then headed downtown to his grandparents funeral home where we park the car wen go into the city. from there... we took the Path train to 14th. there wer so many couples on the train ! it was so cute. . aw. from 14th, we took the L train to Union Sqr. then the 5 train to 86th st. we walked a couple of blocks and we finally got to the MET [Metropolitan Museum of Art]... daaaaaaang there was a lot of ppl there ! yikes. but it was all G. we went through exhibit after exhibit. jon looked like a kid in a candy store wen we were in the egyptian artifacts and the weapons room. it was quite funi. esp wen we went into the Modern Art section. o boiiii.... it was hilarious coz jon criticized all the paintings. and beleived that "it wasnt art". hah. it was kool tho. i jus stood baq in amusment. after like 5 hrs of walking around in the museum, the hunger pangs started to kik me in the tummy. i wud have liked to stay longer... but i was getting weak. so we headed out into the city and back on the subway.... we took the 6 train to 59th and walked to Serendipity. wen we got there... the wait for a table was 2-3 hours ! wtf !? of course it wud b that long... HELLO ! it was VDay fer gawds sake ! hah. so instead we went with plan B and took a cab to the Jekyll and Hyde Club. the wait there wasnt as bad as Serendipity... it was only an hour... so we stayed. it was kool the food was m m m gud. we were suppossed to go to Madam Tussaud's but it was too late... we didnt want to b in a rush. ya feel me !? heh. after dinner... we got back on the subway, took the F train downtown and took the path back to JC. we got here about 9:30ish. and then we headed to Jersey Garden to watch 50 First Dates. wen we got there, there were mad cops there. i guess a fight broke out or something ! but yea... we got the 10:45pm show. the movie was gud. it made me laugh. it made me cry. it made me go "awww". after the movie... both of us were jus soo pooped. it sucked... my contacts were getting dry all day coz my eyes were tired from not getting much sleep the nite b4. my eyes wer all blood shot nd ish. coz someone decided to msg me @ 4am [ who will remain nameless ] wanting to get back with me. eCh. grrrr. but yea... wen i got home... i passed out ! o booiiii. other than the contacts... it was a GREAT day... ::siGh:: thanks baybee for my wonderful V-Day gift. iLOVEyOo ! <3

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out of the ordinary ? . . . i think not.

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i wish i had enough balls to stand up for myself against my parents. im 21 turning 22 in a couple of months and they're still running my life. and the thing that's even worse is that im letting them do it. today was the last day my boyfriend is going to be here before he leaves for school tonight and they did not allow me to spend it with him, because her excuse was that i had already spent time with him yesterday and 2 days in a row is too much. he came by here and told me to get in the car and we'll just leave... but i didnt. we were outside and i even stepped back wen he tried to hug me for fear that they'll do something if they see me. i feel so bad. they dont realize that they [mainly my mother] have fucked me up emotionally through out the years. she says that there is a case of mental instability that runs in my bloodline and because of her, i think ive inherited it. people may think that we're all happy happy... but in reality... we're one of those families that you see on tv whos all clean and dandy wen were presented outside... but what the public doesnt see are the bruises thats underneath the clothes. i realli am just . . . PainfullySmiling.

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i need to go arunnin . . .

summer 'O3
me nd chris... summer 'O3
taken like 3 weeks ago
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i went out for dinner with the family for my brothers berfdai....
he was taking pix and i cant help but think... "damn... i need to start excercising again !" it sux ... coz i dont know if its the weather or wat not... but all ive been doing is eating ! grrr.... i mean... the scale doesnt say that im gaining n e thing... but the mirror screams it out ! my bf says that i look fine... but i dont agree... uGh... i think im going crazee !


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